Book Signing

When:   Saturday, December 1st 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Where: American Legion Post #137, Darien GA

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2 Responses to Book Signing

  1. I have finished two of your books.. The Many Watsons and the Afghan Adventure. My Battalion is there now and another leaving mid Dec for the same area in your book. Can’t make your signing.


  2. Pskovitianka says:

    One of the members of Russian community posted the translation of a part of your book. I am delighted that the foreiner liked the very Russian Sherlock Holmes. I thought Vasili Livanov the best one before I saw Jeremy Brett, and then I understood the difference between the Russian English gentleman and the British gentleman. But my post doen’t concern Holmes, but Henry Baskerville. Nikita Mikhalkov is the very famous actor in Russia, and he is really grate; As to his role of Baskerville there is a simple explanation of his condact that is reported in the memoires of the serie’s director Igor Maslennikov. In fact Nikita Michalkov is living in Moscow and came to shoot to Leningrad (now St Petersbourg), so this day of shooting Mikalkov arrived from the night train directry to the shooting pavillon. During the night he drank a bottle of brandy with his fellow trevellers and was not very fresh in the morning. The shooting team had no time to loose, and Michalkov was filmed that he was quite drunk.
    there is many funny moment like this in the firm. We have a web site of the film
    but there isn’nt English verson.
    I apologise for my bad English, I am more fluent in French.

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