Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels – Kieran McMullen

Ever wonder what happened to Holmes and Watson after His Last Bow? I have too. Just like I always wondered what happened to Watson in the Second Afghan War. In Watson’s Afghan Adventure I attempted to answer the questions we all had about what really brought Watson to 221B Baker Street and the greatest partnership in mystery history (perhaps in all history). Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels tells part of the story after Holmes and Watson crushed the German spy ring led by Von Bork during the start of the Great War. But what happened next? The change from criminal detective to master spy changed Holmes’s life entirely.

Holmes had spent over a year designing and living the character Altamont, the Irish- American, English hating member of secret societies determined to overthrow the occupation of Ireland by the English. After so much hard work would Holmes throw away all that effort? Or would his next task be to help keep Ireland in the Union and prevent it from becoming a back door for German aggression?

At the start of the Great War Holmes is barely 60 and Watson but 62 years of age. Both men had lived active lives. Surely, they would not be content to let England go to a World War and sit passively on the side lines. Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels is the story of part of their effort in the war. It is also a travail for Watson who finds he has mixed
emotions as he and Holmes infiltrate the Rebel cause and fight the corruption they find in foiling a plot of a corrupt Detective of the Dublin Metropolitan Police. It is one of their last and most important cases.

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