Murder in the Library – Felecia Caparelli

Murder in the Library by Felicia Caparelli is an outstanding mystery novel. Okay, that’s the short review. The longer one goes something like this; after reading the first two pages I thought, Oh No, Chick Book! I was wrong. I admit, if the movie doesn’t have John Wayne, Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck and the book isn’t by Doyle, Haggard or Captain King, I have a tough time. This book, however kept me reading all the way through. It doesn’t take much from Doyle but a remote similarity to some of the plot from Hound, but it does take a lot of style from Agatha Christie.

The heroine and her new Chicago police detective boyfriend find themselves involved in multiple murders in a local university library. The plot and the character development are excellent. I found myself rooting for the heroine both to solve the mystery and to further her relationship with the cop. By the end of the mystery, not only do they solve
the murders (and there are more than enough suspects to go around) but you’ll find yourself hoping that the team of Violetta, the librarian, and Mick, the cop, have more adventures. After all, the last three words in the book are, “To be continued”.

Oh and there is also a great recipe for Greek soup!

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