Baskerville Reports

The Official Papers Into The Matter Known As “The Hound of The Baskervilles” by Kieron Freeburn is a great addition for those who like to delve further into the Baskerville case. Written as a case file it includes reports by the Metropolitan police, the Coroner (on Sir Charles and the convict Selden), the Devon County Constabulary, and much more.

The most delightful part to me was the content of the reports. Having been a law enforcement officer for 12 years I can say that they are written authentically in the style of most police officers. The report s present not only the facts but the comments that officers tend to make that make the prosecution cringe and ask “why did they say that in an official document?” I guess things haven’t changed much!

The reports also display exactly the prejudices I would expect from one jurisdiction being infringed on by another. All in all, this book was a delightful read. I recommend it highly to those interested in the official response to the case that Holmes might not have handled as well as we thought.

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