The Secret Journal of Dr Watson – Phil Growick

As a Watson fan I had to read a book with the fine title of “The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson”. Especially, when Watson and Holmes are to be involved in something as thrilling as the Russian Revolution. This is an adventure story more than a mystery, although it encompasses mystery as well.

It is the latter part of the Great War. The Czar has abdicated, Kerensky has lost his position to Lenin and Russia has pulled out of the war. Russia’s action has released a hundred German Divisions to fight the Allies on the Western Front. The Romanovs are still alive and the English King wants his cousin the Czar and his family saved from the Bolsheviks. But how can this be done and by who? The British government cannot be seen as interfering in the internal politics of the new Russian state. The rescue must be done by forces that cannot be directly tied to Whitehall. Of course Holmes and Watson are the logical choices to make the attempt and who better to assist them than the famous (or infamous) Riley, Ace of Spies!

The rescue attempt (I won’t say if is successful) is made in the backdrop of civil war: White Russians, Red Russians, German attacks and American and British soldiers and sailors invading Murmansk.

Watson and Holmes must play their cards close to the vest. In this world of swirling spies and alliances and betrayals everyone is suspect and no one is to be trusted: not the military, surely none of the Russians (not even the local priest) and not even the English government.

The book is well written and well researched. I found it especially engaging  because of my interest in the particular time period of history. I highly recommend this book to Watson fans. It’s an appropriate sequel to His Last Bow.

The Secret Journal of Dr Watson can be found at: along with Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels as well as Watson’s Afghan Adventure.

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