Great News About Holmes & the Irish Rebels!

The following comes from our friendly publisher: MX Publishing.

Top Ten New Sherlock Holmes Books For Amazon Kindle

Many lucky Holmes fans will be opening their Christmas stocking and retrieving a shiny new Amazon Kindle (if you believe the hype the most gifted item on Amazon this year) – so the question is, what new Sherlock Holmes books are most popular on Kindle in the US?

1. Sherlock Holmes and The Irish Rebels – Kieran McMullen

2. The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes – Tony Reynolds

3. Sherlock Holmes and The Affair In Transylvania – Gerry O’Hara

4. The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes – Gerard Kelly

5. No Police Like Holmes – Dan Andriacco

6. Watson’s Afghan Adventure – Kieran McMullen

7. Sherlock Holmes and The Lyme Regis Horror – David Ruffle

8. Baker Street Beat – Dan Andriacco

9. The Case of The Hungarian Foot [ebook only short story] – George Colliko

10. Shadowfall – Tracy Revels

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