The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes – Gerard Kelly

The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes is a pleasant collection of tales of our two favorite characters. Someone said it is a “Baker’s Street Dozen” (the book cover) and they are correct. It is a series of 13 short stories that range from good to excellent. I read it while flying back and forth across the Atlantic and found it made the long trip much shorter. I suspect most Holmes fans will find this a good read though the die-hard Doyle aficionado will, I’m sure, complain of some inconsistencies of speech or format.  I found all the usual characters one would expect – Mrs. Hudson, Inspector Lestrade, Mycroft. And there is a good feel to the book overall as being in the tradition, if not the exact style, of Doyle. Each story is well thought out and requires some thought to solve before Holmes does but I bet some of you can do it. A couple of the stories seemed familiar and upon reaching home I was able to find them in my library. Some of these short stories had been published in other volumes. I recommend this book of stories highly for your next trip.

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