The Many Watsons – Roger Morlidge

I am more than willing to say that I need help with this one! Anyone having information about Roger Morlidge please contact me. I’ve spent two days on the computer looking for information and am now convinced the man who did such an admirable job as Watson in the TV movie “Sherlock: Case of Evil” either works for MI5, the CIA or is in witness protection in Albuquerque! I have never seen so little information on such a good actor.

“Case of Evil” presents us with a fairly young Holmes, mid-20’s probably, who is egotistical, a drunk, a drug addict and a sex fiend. In all, he is somewhat of an unlikeable character played by James D’Arcy. Mr. D’Arcy does a fine job and is completely believable in the part. Of course by the midpoint of the film he has turned about a bit, partly due to the intercession of Watson, and he is a more sympathetic character. His nemesis? Who else but Prof. Moriarty? Moriarty is trying to corner the opium trade and is killing off the other big drug dealers one at a time. The professor plays Holmes like a fiddle and manipulates him in order to give himself the ultimate alibi. Moriarty is played by Vincent D’Onofrio. D’Onofrio makes a tremendous bad guy. He is one of the most skilled actors on TV or the movies. Anyone who has ever watched Law & Order: Criminal Intent knows what skill he displays. Of course by the end of the movie Holmes will triumph and he and Watson will be fast friends. The final scenes must be Moriarty falling from a high place in London. Can you guess where?

Roger Morlidge

Morlidge plays a rather sensible and ultimately heroic Watson. He is certainly not a buffoon but much more the everyman. It is quite easy to identify with his portrayal of the stalwart ally.

Morlidge has been in film, TV and the stage at least since the early ‘90’s. He played PC Cochrane in one of the best comedies I know: The Man Who Knew Too Little. A great rainy afternoon flick with Bill Murray playing the main character. I am never able to pass a traffic cone on the highway without thinking of that movie and Morlidge chasing Murray. In all, the Bolton, England born actor has more than 35 film appearances and numerous stage performances to his credit as well as a number of stage plays. He was also (according to the Bolton newspaper) writing a screenplay about his grandmothers experiences in Bolton during the Great War. About a dozen years ago he was in the TV movie “All the Kings Men”, a sad tale about the demise of a company of men raised from the Kings estate in the Great War and killed, almost to a man, in Turkey. Morlidge is a fine actor and I would appreciate any additional information anyone has on him.

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4 Responses to The Many Watsons – Roger Morlidge

  1. Howard Ostrom says:

    Have been trying to get his autograph for years without any luck. James D’Arcy even said in a note he sent me that he had mentioned that to Roger. Still no luck. If anyone has an address I could write to him at, please drop me an e-mail at Thanks, Howard.

  2. Mike says:

    He works at Mid Cheshire college, Hartford, Cheshire. You’ll find him there

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