The Many Watsons – Gareth David-Lloyd

Okay, I admit that this movie taught me a new term, “Mock Buster”. Evidently this is where a small budget company churns out a  low budget film using the same name as a current “Block Buster” movie and sucks in the DVD crowd who buy what they think was the “good” movie. This one was released in 2010 right after the Block Buster. Actually, this film (with the exception of Ben Syder as Sherlock) isn’t half bad. Gareth David-Lloyd plays the part of Watson and really is quite good.

The basic plot of the story is that London is being attacked by what turn out to be mechanical monsters controlled by… We’ll leave that out and you can watch the flick. Off course Sherlock saves the day but Watson saves the Queen. The story, sets, costuming and special effects are really quite good. Syder is horrible as Holmes and really takes away from the film.
David-Lloyd plays an astute, intelligent fellow if a little lacking in physical ability. You would want this Watson on your side in a tough spot. The ending of the film is also very interesting. So if you can tolerate a Holmes of about 5’6” with a horrible accent you may enjoy the film.

Gareth David-Lloyd was born in Bettws, Newport, South Wales, UK on 28 March 1981. While still a teenager he joined the Gwent
Young People’s Theatre and did exceptionally well. Here he certainly advanced rapidly in developing his skills. He continued his training while at Coleg Gwent by working in local productions in Newport and Cardiff. He then went to
the National Youth Theatre and then to Reading and the Rep College. His stage credits include: Macbeth, Dr Faustus. Marat/Sade, Three Women and a Piano Tuner and Twelfth Night. His earliest TV appearance appears to be in 2003 on a show called Absolute Power and then Casualty. Three or four more appearances on other shows were followed by a permanent spot on Torchwood where he became a kind of science fiction cult hero. He currently has a TV movie  and a screen film in post-production. He really did a good job as Watson.

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