A Study in Crimson

A Study in Crimson by Molly Carr is a continuation of the adventures of Mrs. Watson (nee Morstan) and her rather odd friend Mrs. St Clair ( of The Man with the Twisted Lip fame). Since they formed their own detective agency nothing has been settled or quiet and the book moves at a frenetic pace from event to event.  The book is to be taken in the true meaning of the word – farce, i.e.; a light dramatic composition marked by broad satirical comedy and improbable plot. Holmes, Watson , Moriarity… No one escapes the cutting bites of the female crime fighters.

The book is really a collection of short stories whose link is the problems between the main characters, Mrs. Watson and Mrs. St Clair. They travel the globe from New York to Baden Baden and search for almost anything , including the Holy Grail. This is not a serious study but a light hearted adventure.

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